The Project


HERMES (Highly Efficient Super Critical ZERO eMission Energy System) aims to contribute to the renewable future by pioneering a zero-emission, highly efficient directly fired supercritical power system, operating in closed loop on renewable fuels.

The overall objective of the project is to assess the performance of HERMES system operating on a variety of liquid/gaseous renewable fuels to provide electricity with an efficiency above 65%, with net-zero GHG emission of other pollutants. The liquid and gaseous fuels that the system will be operating on will be methanol or hydrogen.

Highly Efficient Super Critical ZERO eMission Energy System


The project is comprised of three pillars covering specific Scientific and Technical Objectives (STO), main innovations, and key results. More specifically, the pillars are, a) Synthesis of renewable fuels for interchangeable GT (gas turbine) operation and their value chains, b) Fundamentals of zero emission highly efficient supercritical combustion of renewable fuels and c) system integration and assessment for technology maturity leap forward. The project follows a detailed assessment through experimental and computational approaches and dynamic simulation tools including digital twins and machine learning. assessment for technology maturity leap forward”.